Individual Yoga Sessions

Individual Yoga Sessions

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When connected to your Spirit, yoga is more than just movement, it’s A Movement. Your Movement!

Self (Inner & Physical) Awareness Yoga

This session is ideal for someones who have not experienced making decisions for self or having control over their physical being and their daily actions (i. if your NEXT action has been based on the dictation of someone else regardless of the personal effect. i.e. militants, first responders, caregivers, etc ) 45 Minutes.

Developmental Yoga

This session is ideal for anyone who simply seeks growth past most inner (mental and emotional) and outer (physical)  barriers. Nontraditional avenues are explored and you are encouraged to work through complications and be present in the solution making process. This session is grouped for building over the course of four weeks starting with 30-45 minute sessions. 

Peaceful Spirit Yoga 

This session is ideal for those who fell either not grounded enough or too grounded in the expressions of their experiences.  Because most times our body enacts what is flowing through our brain, we will practice manipulating our mind with our mindful-bodily-actions during previously perceived unsafe spaces to regain and maintain peace. 30-45 minutes.