Purposed Yoga

"Health problems create feedback. Unresolved emotional problems manifest themselves through physical symptoms, which cause emotional distress."

-V Ashley-Reid

What is Purposed Yoga?

Combining yoga asanas, emotional freedom technique, and meditation, I introduce matter-appropriate poses, breathing, and relaxation exercises. Developing individuals can learn how to exercise while developing confidence, body awareness, strength, and flexibility. Participants will also experience tremendous stress relief and relaxation. Using meditation and emotional freedom technique (tapping), I enhance their natural mindfulness with practices that improve their attention span, emotional regulation, and cognitive growth.

SELF (INNER & PHYSICAL) AWARENESS YOGA Focusing on a series of deliberate movements, these sessions encourage you to listen to your body without comparing it to anyone or anything else. I show you how to become a true expert of your body by exploring poses that deepen your understanding of how your body is positioned.

DEVELOPMENTAL YOGA By focusing on an individual pose and its progressions, these sessions will take you through preparatory movements that lead you to the desired pose. The chosen pose will challenge you to build your physical strength while encouraging confident calmness. When our development is hindered by the lack of visible options or the fear of returning to a place of discomfort or danger, we either decide to stop or get stuck, which can halt our healing process. These sessions will encourage you to be more resilient and open to practice (versus failure)to trying and trying and trying again when we are unsuccessful at achieving a pose (and simultaneously developing solutions for life challenges).

PEACEFUL SPIRIT YOGA Focusing on healing from a traumatic past by taking the body through a series of calming poses with the intention of reconditioning is how you interrupt fear. These poses teach you how to influence, and ultimately control, your state of being, beginning with an understanding of how your body reacts to anxiety. Combined with mindfulness, these poses are ideal for managing anxiety and maintaining calm.

*** Practice is recommended individually or in small groups*** 


Take your physical and emotional well-being into your own hands, literally. All negative emotions are felt through a disruption of the body’s energy (unwanted vibes such as fear, anger, insecurity, pain, and anxiety). 


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