I am a 29-year-old Michigander who has recently moved to GA. I am a mother to a handsome prince and a beautiful princess. I am a licensed Esthetician, Singer, YouTuber and Certified Yoga Teacher in Training. 

Yoga is much more than just a physical activity for me. Yoga, like life, is a never-ending journey. There’s always more to learn and to explore. ⁣Yoga has been life-changing. Yoga has been my hammer and has smashed through many layers of pain and self-doubt. Through abuse, struggles with alcohol, depression, and anxiety, yoga has been my therapy, helped me feel alive, find balance and most importantly restore my confidence and power! I have witnessed first hand the power and healing that yoga brings. In seeing all that yoga has given back to my life it is my deepest desire to share this tool with others. I hope that by sharing my journey many others will come to the “mat”, so it can work its magic on them, too.