Adric Samuel


Hello, my name is Adric Devon Samuel -Founder of Huda Guru- meaning right guidance and empowering growth every day. I am Invested in personal growth and development, by Health conscious decisions to better my eating by opening up my palette to a plant-based diet.  Stimulation and consistent work on your muscles thru yoga and calisthenics are useful in anyone's daily routine.

Thankful for My 2 years served in the military as a Parachute Rigger and a Funeral Detail Honor Guard Soldier, I built a routine of working thru the motions of packing parachutes and the excitement of the unknown jumping from planes to test the parachute system. In such a short time frame from after participating in funeral arrangements and being around death so often &  watching my father's mental health deteriorate from serving 29 of years in the military. I quickly realized that the military had taken a toll on me mentally and physically, I needed an outlet. My stepfather introduced the family the to yoga with an event hosted at the high school he was coaching at. This was fuel to ignite my interest in yoga to help cope with life. My ambition drove me to get my certification in yoga (with a specialization in seniors) to help give back to underserved communities such as my own. My goals as a teacher and student are to help individuals like myself see the light they give to this world.