The Autonomous Growth Community

We help you design your freedom and daily practices that connect your mind, body, and spirit. Wholeness is the focus, but how? We believe that all things connect to each other. Your relationship with your body, food, family and friends, even with your money are all connected.  Growth in one of those areas will promote and facilitate growth everywhere else, but not one without the other. So it's important to harmonize, rather than compartmentalize, your life by collectively facilitating growth for yourself as a whole.

Purposed Yoga™  provide you with the tools you need to strengthen your connection to all the relationships in your life: connecting with your BODY by creating movement and feeding it food that energizes and heals, your MIND by developing the practice of seeking and providing clarity, and your SPIRIT by strengthening the connections with your higher consciousness or guiders. Each goes hand in hand to create a safe space to promote your wholeness.

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As we grow we want to be sure that we share our growth and show our appreciation to our community for your continuous support. So, we are offering you a chance to participate in our Connection Project.