What Are You A Warrior Of?

Are you a warrior of peace? Or perhaps a warrior of love? In this moment now I am a warrior of love and light. It may change one day and that is okay.

If your full-time job was to be a warrior of whatever domain you have chosen, how would you act? How would you speak? How would you carry yourself?

Every day we are given an opportunity to invoke our warrior spirit. We are invited to be connected to our center, to lift ourselves and our hearts up to the sky, our feet firmly planted and supported by the earth. Every pose is an invitation to reconnect with our best selves and the core values we hold. Warrior poses give us the physical feeling of being a warrior, but we know that the lessons we learn on the mat can and should be practiced in our daily routines.

So how will you today invoke your warrior spirit? I will use myself as an example. As a warrior of love and light, I will strive to make everyone I meet feel noticed and loved. Even just a smile or a good morning as you pass by another person can be so meaningful.

Think about it, have you ever been so lost in thought and then someone speaks to you? Then you are transported back into the present moment. That shift is so powerful and yet it is just one single moment in your life. You remember you are alive. What a blessing that is.

Warriors defend what is right in our world. While it is impossible to erase all the negativity in our lives or in the world, it is possible to create more goodness. They will be faced with challenges, but they remain centered and focused on their duties. Yoga allows us to tend to our inner selves and it is only when we fill up our own cup that we may overflow and allow others to be filled as well. When we feel filled with light it radiates out like rays of sunshine that can warm someone up even on the coldest of days.

You are a warrior. Never forget it.

Peace, Love, and Light