Strength in Unity

I just began this week reading “The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business” by Charles Duhigg in attempt to start transforming my less than desirable habits. Growth all 2019, right? One of the quotes in the book that stuck with me is: “For a habit to stay changed, people must believe change is possible. And most often, that belief only emerges with the help of a group.”

Thanks to the internet, starting a yoga practice is easier than ever before. While the journey of self-growth and self-reflection is often a journey done alone, what would happen if instead, we surround ourselves with like-minded people?

I know personally, a fear of mine at the beginning of my yoga practice was going into a class and being surrounded by people who were exceptionally better at yoga than I was. I felt afraid of my own weakness. For this precise reason, I began my journey alone, with YouTube. Now I know that yoga is about embracing those weaknesses and uplifting ourselves. I think about how enduring an intense workout with twenty other people would have been a bonding experience. To feel the energy of everyone working so hard would have helped me keep going.

I’ve been blessed to have found my own little yoga community within Purposed Yoga, but I still hold back from embracing these newfound relationships. I look at other members and wonder “How will I ever nail those poses as they do?” But they aren’t my competition. Instead, they are working towards the same goals as I am.

When we feel like we lack the necessary tools or stamina to complete goals that is the exact moment we need to fall into the arms of our community members so they can support us. It is easy in this day and age to remain stagnant and isolated. I believe though that social media is just a tool—it is not evil or good, but neutral. How we use it gives it those qualities of good or bad. We have the ability to find our own community at our fingertips. A community that loves and supports us especially in those moments where we feel we cannot love or support ourselves. A community that pushes us to believe in ourselves and believe that all the power we need to create a life worth living is inside of us. I know you will find that within this community. I look forward to seeing everyone’s posts for the 14-day challenge in February!

Peace, Love, and Light