Lean Into Your Yoga Practice

On my screen was a pin from Pinterest. A gorgeous purple background caught my eye when I was aimlessly scrolling. “Lean into your yoga practice.”  It was like a message from the universe. It is difficult to make time. Not because we do not have enough time, but rather because we are too busy prioritizing other things that do not serve us. Like did I really need to be scrolling through Pinterest wasting my precious time because I felt anxious about an upcoming deadline or could I have used it wisely and unrolled my mat for some self-discovery and some play time?

Our time is valuable. And so are we. It is incredibly paramount to our health that we invest in ourselves. It is also incredibly necessary for our jobs and for our families. When we feel good, we can produce good work and good vibes. People feel that positive energy. Our light shines on others and they begin to shine their own light. Eventually, there’s a snowball effect and the love spreads over every corner of the world. Or at least that’s what we should be looking for.

It’s true, there are billions of people on the earth. We sometimes believe our light could never reach the masses so it’s not worth it. But you are so worth all of the love this world has to offer.

Once we create that habit of going onto the mat, leaning into our practice, it becomes easier and easier to leave the phone and drop onto the mat. We rewire our brains to seek yoga when there is distress instead of binge-watching Netflix, overeating, hitting up our toxic ex with a “link?” text when we feel so incredibly alone and starved for touch and affection. Instead, we begin to crave the rush of energy after a yoga flow and anticipate the feeling of love taking over us from head to toe. That feeling is what we look for when the world seems to be crashing all around us. The goal is not to make the pain go away, but to question it, accept it, to find resolution.

It is an ongoing effort to heal. That is why we call it a yoga practice.

Peace, Love, and Light!