On Courage and Vulnerability

Yoga has given me a safe place to be vulnerable and try new things.

I can try new poses and I know that even if I fail, I will still have tried, and that life is a journey.

The repercussions of failing a pose? I look a little silly in my own room. I might not be able to nail that pose today, but I know that one day if I continue to work hard and get out of my comfort zone that I will have results. We have to remember that yoga is more than just exercise, it is a way of life.

The lessons that I learn on the mat will help me in every other aspect of my life. When we practice being bold and courageous on the mat, we take that same energy into the workplace or in relationships or whatever we need to face.

Yoga has given me the ability to trust myself and be open to the unknown. It will take time to be more receptive to vulnerability and that is okay! We are all a work in progress.

In 2019, I challenge you to put yourself out there. Even if it’s something that seems so mundane or unimportant. Do not feel ashamed.

The world is a scary place. But we can’t let fear plague us. With vulnerability comes growth. Maybe right now that “growth” is landing that handstand you’ve been working towards (hello, right there with you!) or maybe it’s finally starting that project you’ve had in your head for a while that you never thought you could accomplish. It could even be just posting that photo you really like but think you shouldn’t post.

Everyone has different circumstances and I do not pretend that everyone has the ability to make large life changes with ease. But success comes after we make small, conscious changes every day that lead up to those big moments.

Peace, Love and Light and a happy new year to all!

Fatima T.

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