What Does Negative Thoughts (and Talk) Do to Your Body?

Your body will produce the reality you imagine. I know, a little freaky but nothing new. You've heard it before. Think negative thoughts, get negative outcomes. Of course your actions contribute to this, but those thoughts subconsciously affect your actions too. What you think and how you think, followed by what you say, subsequently affects:

  • the amount of effort you exert
  • the feelings revolving around the amount of work required
  • your situational perception (if it’s good or bad/growth or work)

For years, that connection didn't fully make sense to me, yet unprofound fear affected many of my thoughts (as it does for a lot of us). Here’s a quick example: calling a loved one then thinking something happened to them or believing they are doing something wrong when you can’t reach them. Not too bad, right? It's not that simple though, and it doesn't end there. Ultimately, your thoughts and words won't change the reality of what's happening with that person, but how you feel about it and proceed depends on how you perceive that missed call.

Will you cause your body to have a dramatically negative effect or an optimistic one that allows you to have a more peaceful, if not positive, reaction? Think about how your fight or flight bodily reaction is activated from nervousness, displeasure, anger, and fear. That type of overstimulation affects the body long-term causing confusion within, stress, and anxiety.  

I never thought of myself as a negative thinker, not until recentlysince I’ve been able to take a moment and examine my views. Before, I mostly felt as if I was seeing things for what they were, and that was true to an extent, but also neglecting the choice of a more positive perspective. Only now do I see the opposite side of negative, do I see the necessity of positivity, on purpose. Outside of attracting more positive attributes to support my desired outcome, thinking and speaking positively helped me visualize and produce action that were conducive to my well-being and my desire.

When you think about it, we are the hinderers of our own growth. We allow fear and self-doubt to diminish our performance by weakening our confidence and ability to visualize success. Imagine negativity, fear, and self-doubt being replaced with positivity and optimism, you’d not only be able to produce better thoughts and action, but you’d also be able to effectively communicate your desires.  

We are allowed to choose our thoughts and the actions that follow. Think and speak positivity into your life, if that's what you want more of.

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