Just Breathe

During times of stress, we often fail to recognize the power of our own breath. Take some time to notice the breath varies when feeling different emotions. The way we breathe affects our whole body. When we feel anxiety or stress we tend to breathe more rapidly which signals the brain to panic. When you get this feeling to try taking a moment for yourself to “just breathe.” Take a few slow, deep breaths and assess how you feel afterwards.

Here are a few things I have found work for me when dealing with anxiety and stress:

Pranayama breathing exercises. In yoga, Pranayamas are breathing techniques that can quickly improve your stress level and energy. I encourage you to take some time and research which one may work best for you!

Something else I have found works for me especially lately, with so many new commitments and obligations recently being introduced into my life is to take a second to focus inward. Feeling every breath and allowing my mind to focus on the here and now. I like to call this my “tunnel vision.” With eyes closed, I imagine myself in a space where any outside distractions can no longer reach me. Any negativity is blocked out. Here in this space, my tunnel, I create an atmosphere of positivity and peace. When I’m feeling calm and ready I start walking towards “the light” at the end of the tunnel aka back to the real world. On my journey back to reality I like to envision positive affirmations written on the walls of the tunnel I’ve created. Positive thoughts I can take back into reality with me. Thoughts like “I am strong” “worrying will not help my circumstance.” “Every breath I take fills my heart with peace and love.” “I’m doing my best.” Once I reach the end of the tunnel I’m brought to reality with a clear, calm and uplifted mindset.

Relax your mind and remember there is much power in the saying “just breathe.”

Gabrielle Denise


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