Feed Your Body

We’re out here killing our bodies because the taste buds in our face (mouth) has taken over. As I explored my own actions, I realized that my whole purpose for eating had been lost in the sauce (literally). Growing up, we are often taught to clean our plates or eat what we’ve been given, but  that’s not how we really should be looking at our food/meals. Never really learning to eat what we feel but eating mostly what we crave or want. Just like most people, I didn’t really care about it until I began having health issues. At that point, I wanted—no, I needed—to know more.

Hypoglycemia, a low blood sugar condition, caused my body to process sugar differently with a similar reaction to some foods as many diabetics do. This condition, along with the stresses of transitioning out of the military, PTSD, and other ailments, caused my body to feel much less than well. So I did what most people do. I visited the good ole doctor’s office and, of course, they medicated me, making my body feel even worse. I then decided to explore my own actions and contributions.

What we eat has a few purposes but mostly to fuel and heal our body. (A different message than finishing your plate, huh?) I will tell you, it’s a different way of living. Whether you believe it or not, what you eat affects every aspect of your existence—how you feel, think, live, everything. So why wouldn’t this be a hotter topic in our households is what I really began to wonder. Anyhow, that’s another conversation for another day. My diet said I was in trouble, a lot of trouble. I didn’t consume anything based on its nutritional value. Before, my focus was how good it tasted versus how it made me feel afterwards. Back then, I had no clue, but now the clues are clear. Take care of your body and your body will take care of you.


Majority of what I consume is to produce the energy I need to fulfill my workload and provide my body with the tools (nutrition) it needs to thrive in a world filled with pollution. Just as any other growth, I work at nutritional wholeness daily by keeping in mind my purpose for eating and not just the desire for things that taste good. I want to live long and in good health; being here on this earth is not enough.


With that, I see my responsibility being much greater than before: to live today for my years to come. I acknowledge that this is not what I was taught as a child or even in the years of post-secondary school, but it is what my body has taught me. Listen to what your body needs, explore your contributions to your conditions, and try to eat effectively. This is feeding your body, not your face...for real.

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