Emotional and Mental Health in Our Community

“THAT'S JUST HOW I EXPRESS MYSELF.” It’s deeper than that, and that's how you mess yourself up. Emotional and mental wellness...the missing keys.

You ever think about what happens to your child (or your partner, for that matter) mentally when you beat them or when your main form of communication is threatening or hostile? Most times your words are not what matters most, so what other message are you sending them? Think about it. Just as anything else, your go-to form of expression and communication are usually later practiced by your adult children, unless they work to change them. The point is, what you do, say, how you say, and think transfers to your children (and others) in some way, shape, or form, so be conscious of how you treat them. They will later treat others that way, or worst, embody the feeling of fear and intimidation from being treated that way themselves.

Listen to this! Your form of expression heavily influences not only the receiver's response but also their emotional connections to the information being communicated. Keep listening. Think about how well an explanation is received when your expressions are non-threatening. In return, you receive responses with pure communication. Please understand that this does not mean that you’ll get your desired outcome. At times you may, but, most importantly, the receiver feels free enough to be honest and open with you.

Still, how does your expressions relate to emotional and mental health? Most of us develop our mentality from our experiences, learning if and how to express our thoughts and feelings. When a person receives mostly aggressive or threatening messages, this trauma embeds in them as a form of learning and will attempt to teach others using that form. Most of us just do it like we’ve been taught without acknowledging that effect of those experiences before passing them on to others. This is only one example, but it works the same with non-threatening experiences, if we choose to.

Rather than continuing to provide experiences that hinder your emotional and mental growth, as well as others, take the time to feel through your practices to see where we can shift  mentalities to ones that promote growth and healing within yourselves, homes, and communities. Trust me, you want to spend more than a little time developing practices that promote mental wellness. Your wellness is one thing you don't want to leave up to chance or, worse, up to others.

This is just a seed. Take ownership of the ability to create the environment you desire, and know that it all starts in your head.

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