Learning Autonomously

Contrary to what you may currently believe, you may not know how to learn, at least this was my truth. Let’s try not confuse the process we oftentimes default to using which is memorization of information mostly for testing in an institution. If someone had told me this years ago I would have put up a debate and it okay if you are feeling the same. I know, it may come off a little strange, we will have to learn ourselves and it’s not always as black and white as we may think, at least for me it wasn’t. I had to learn how to learn before I could start learning me because all I knew how to do was control. What I needed was a positive change, progress, development, growth … none of that happens when controlled but more so when groomed, nurtured, allowed!

Let’s first explore the basic definition of what learning is. To learn is to acquire knowledge or skills by study, experience, or being taught (Webster’s definition).  After years of learning in the way offered by the public school system, the military, my family, and community I realized that many of those ways did not promote anything other than limitations. I had to learn how to learn me as well as decipher what parts of what I learned are true and true for me. Simple. It was like I spent my entire adulthood living and operating in a story I had written but only with the knowledge offered by others.

A majority of young adults, like me, spend their late teens and early 20’s grooming themselves into who they desire to be and stripping away the collected ways of everyone else. What I’ve heard it most referred to as is the time that most children rebel against their parents but it’s far from that. It’s actually the time that old children become young adults and began to shape who they want to be as much as they can. Sad to say, autonomous growth is not allowed in most institutions or households so it takes place later in life than it should if you ask me. I was no different this process took place way later at least that’s what it felt like but for some, it may be even later. So here I am, creating what feel right for me.  Giving myself permission to do any and everything differently and autonomously!