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A Mental Shift, The Demilitarized Mind

No one could have ever told me years ago that my focus today would be on individual health and wellness. Nor would I’d been able to understand the full effect of my current environment on my future. How the military moved, ate, thought, trained, and lived was different, and very much unhealthy. Even the definition of healthy—making it to every chow time and up-to-date on vaccinations—was different during my time served. Just living the truths of what was taught to us, we mostly strived to be the ideal soldier (or better), not really questioning the short- or long-term effect of what was being done and what we were doing to our bodies. Truly living in the moment and waiting for...

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Learning Autonomously

Contrary to what you may currently believe, you may not know how to learn, at least this was my truth. Let’s try not confuse the process we oftentimes default to using which is memorization of information mostly for testing in an institution. If someone had told me this years ago I would have put up a debate and it okay if you are feeling the same. I know, it may come off a little strange, we will have to learn ourselves and it’s not always as black and white as we may think, at least for me it wasn’t. I had to learn how to learn before I could start learning me because all I knew how to do was...

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